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    • The 1st topic lets goooo..     Jo I'm looking for a Drygore set.
    • 100% yes from me. You know how to make amazing looking sign/banner and i think you could help if any GFX things are needed for the server.     ~Bommer
    • you got my support vividly, your work is very nice. Goodluck! +1
    • • Username: Vividly   • Timezone: GMT -5   • Position: GFX Artist   •Creation date: January 10th   • Old staff experience: Assistant(1 month) , Helper(1 month, promoted) , Moderator(5 months, promoted) , Administrator (1 month).   • Have you been punished in any way?: No.   • Why should we pick you?: I believe I can bring a fresh opinion on certain matters such as what should be used for advertisement for the server, what icons we should have, what should be changed, etc. I also have a Graphics Shop open for the entire community (shop here, and showcase here) and having this rank can only help me further my practice as it will show players that I have the rank for a reason and that they may request what they need with me. Either way, I will keep my graphics shop open as i'm not depending on this rank to continue it.   • In what way do you think you can improve the server/forum?: I can provide artwork that can be used for the server and for its player base, whether it comes to banners, signatures, or icons.   • Why have you decided to apply for this position?: I'm content with my recent work, supported by my friends and girlfriend for my artwork, I decided why not.    • A small introduction of yourself as a person: Hello, I go by the name Vividly on here, but otherwise known as War, Viable, or Justin. I'm an understanding, helpful, and outgoing person who enjoys to have fun play video games as well, and to create designs. I've been playing League of Legends for over 3 years now, CS:GO a little, and RSPS' for around 5+ years. I have a loving and caring girlfriend whom I thank for giving me motivation and reason to carry this on, happily. I enjoy the forum aspect of any game I play, because most of the time, they have top quality designs and it shows that they haven't rushed it all and such, either. I find it's an important aspect to anything that you want to create, whether it's a YouTube channel, forums for a game, Twitch, Twitter, etc. I'd be glad to be able to help out even more than I can now, as I want this server and forums to strive for better.    I know I may not have the requirements for this rank, but I've been asked by Oly & given permission by Hare to apply, but I want the community's word and that's the one i'll go with.    Thank you all for your time, ~Vividly
    • it may give a lower advantage to newer people, but it motivates them more to get comp cape. And yeah, we don't want too many advantages on comp, i suggested some that could go on it, not all of it
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