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  2. Dear players, i am not taking more requests for now till the end of the week due personal reasons and free-time. #closed
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  4. yo this is sick 100/100
  5. @Profile Faster finished then expected, i hope you like it leaving feedback is appreciated!
  6. damn, that looks sick.. Thanks
  7. Means alot, thanks! +1 Thanks for the reminder! Will start your design very soon.
  8. @C J Your signature is done. Made it San-Andreas style as you requested.
  9. Asked you in game but reminding you on here so you dont forget your work is 10.10
  10. A million thanks!, best GFX artist out there, keep doing you! -Korruption
  11. @Riley Reid I cannot add mature content due to server rules and restrictions, not everyone is on legal age. Therefore I made you a purple/pink color scheme. I still hope you like it. Sincere, -Nvidia
  12. welcome riley! don't hesitate to ask any questions
  13. Welcome Riley Reid to Arcilium! We hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. welcome man .
  15. I did not, but i'm sure i can work something out. #on-hold
  16. Hi @Nvidia I would like something similar to what Claire has, (I'm guessing you didn't make it?) Pink, extravagant, maybe a 'rude' background (ya know, ass and titties ye ik i'm immature shut up) ok ty.
  17. you'd be surprised at the amount of people who don't.
  18. @Korruption Your signature is done! Sorry for the delay.
  19. Color scheme doesn't look bad at all! Nice work.
  20. best of luck to this
  21. Welcome Riley, we hope you enjoy your stay. For questions, please let us know. We wish you the very best! OT: I think everyone knows who Riley Raid is ^^
  22. F.Y.I I'm not a girl. This display name has been mine for as long as I can remember... if you don't know who Riley Reid is > is the best place to start (NSFW 18+) Anyway. I'm 20 and live in the UK, if ya wanna know my real name then ask me in-game. Played RSPS' on and off for about 6 years, and I'm mainly a skiller. so hi.
  23. "Best CC so far , love u guys ♥ Spare fala br?
  24. Yesterday
  25. Update: Recruited Torva Keeper as Member
  26. I like the colors of that, especially the cyan How about making one with the same colors as dragon/red basically? Would be cool to see the outcome.
  27. Ascension Drygore
  28. Accepted. Welcome to the GFX team!
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