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All staff applications can be found here

Staff Application Guidelines

Staff Application Guidelines / Format

If you're looking to apply for a staff position, please pay attention and follow these guidelines and use the format given below.
Failure to follow the guidelines and format, will result in your application getting automatically denied. 


Before actually applying be sure to see if we're open for new applicants or not. (This will be updated)

• Server Support: Open
• Forum Moderator: Closed




• Have a poll on your application with 2 options: Yes or No.
• Never argue with another person(s) opinion about you getting promoted or not.
• Try to express yourself so we can understand you.
• Try to avoid as many spelling mistakes as possible to avoid misunderstanding. 
• Do not go inactive on forums or the server after posting an application.
• Do not apply too soon (a week or two after you've joined).
• You may have people help you with your application, but NEVER copy another player. 

• In failure to follow the guidelines or using the format will end up with us denying your application.





Server Support:

•Be active in-game and forums

•Must have at least 14 days creationdate.

•Must be fairly known in the community.

•Must have 20 or more post counts on forums.

•Must know the rules of the server (forum and ingame)


Forum Moderator:

•Must be active on forums.

•Must be known within the community itself.

•At least 14 days of creationdate.

•Must have 40 total post counts or more.

•Must be familiar with the rules of the forum and ingame.





• Username:

• Timezone:

• Position: 


• Old staff experience: 

• Have you been punished in any way?:

• Why should we pick you?:

• In what way do you think you can improve the server/forum?:

• Why have you decided to apply for this position?:

• A small introduction of yourself as a person: 




• We will accept applications when we feel like we're in need of extra help.
• Do NOT ask a staff member to review your application.
• You must have a poll for players to vote.
• Making a troll application will end up with a warning.
• Do not argue with another player(s) opinion.
• When replying to an application stay on-topic and provide a valid argument.
• You may ONLY apply for Server Support or Forum Moderator.
• If your application got denied, do not post another one immediately. 


  1. Accepted

    Accepted applications are placed here.

  2. Denied

    Denied applications are placed here.

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