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  1. you got my support vividly, your work is very nice. Goodluck! +1
  2. Very nice sander, keep up brother. I'll be making that wallpaper soon.
  3. PlayerCombat class file, replace line with: if (capeId != -1 && ItemDefinitions.getItemDefinitions(capeId) .getName().contains("ava") || ItemDefinitions.getItemDefinitions(capeId) .getName().contains("completionist cape")) #solved
  4. Server

    "Added full slayer helm(/creating) with attributes." does the job oly, Nice updates.
  5. This system came later into Runscape after the 718 revision shortly before eoc, with "encounters". Players can choose to either join a raiding party or solo-kill. It is a good system and easy to implant/rip.
  6. best of luck bumcums, you got my support and vote. +1
  7. Looks good oly, if you need help or content, skype me.
  8. Event

    I vote for this guy, has been active since he came, and got a heart for the server. +1
  9. best of luck brother.
  10. Welcome danny, we hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. nice guide shadow, will sure help some members out!
  12. nice suggestions, i agree with most of them.
  13. I wouldn't consider it bad, as you can monthly oversee characteristic and pros/cons on member's actions.
  14. it ruins economics, buying donator rank with in-game currency? it becomes trad-able, and a value will be set. becoming a P2W server.. +1 for creative thinking, at the end its the community's decision. congratulations on your promotion.
  15. best of luck riley!