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  1. Dear players, i am not taking more requests for now till the end of the week due personal reasons and free-time. #closed
  2. @Profile Faster finished then expected, i hope you like it leaving feedback is appreciated!
  3. Means alot, thanks! +1 Thanks for the reminder! Will start your design very soon.
  4. @C J Your signature is done. Made it San-Andreas style as you requested.
  5. @Riley Reid I cannot add mature content due to server rules and restrictions, not everyone is on legal age. Therefore I made you a purple/pink color scheme. I still hope you like it. Sincere, -Nvidia
  6. I did not, but i'm sure i can work something out. #on-hold
  7. @Korruption Your signature is done! Sorry for the delay.
  8. Color scheme doesn't look bad at all! Nice work.
  9. best of luck to this
  10. Welcome Riley, we hope you enjoy your stay. For questions, please let us know. We wish you the very best! OT: I think everyone knows who Riley Raid is ^^
  11. not bad indeed, i'm sure the staff will consider future updates on this one.
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Thanks for supporting profile <3 Means a lot Korruption, thanks for your positive feedback! Thanks Bommer, duly noted and appreciated.
  13. Anytime brother, i'm pleased you like it!
  14. approved, I will design one in the future, at the moment i am working. Thanks for your request. Have a good one! -Nvidia
  15. So i have recently logged In Arcilium and trained some skills and i have found out some small missing features, not extremely necessary. Most of you might already know the problem, i'd like to hear a opinion about it. it would give a more complete game-play (imo). Small missing features: 1) Some crafting dialogues are missing for required level necessary. 2) Level-up does not give correct sounds, fireworks and dialogue. 3) Herblore can only be trained by water > ingredient and not reverse. 4) More food dishes and mixtures should be applied for cooking, example raw pie dishes, chip crunches, stews, potatoes, etc... combining them to a eatable food dish. 5) Price checker is not functional *bug; 6) If using the Equipment stats checker through the bank, player will be black out in UI overview and cannot control its character, after re-opening the bank interface. If i find more small improvements for future updates, i will post them here. Let me know your opinion whether it's really necessary or not. -Nvidia