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  1. Locking this post as it's only leading to flaming and arguments.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry i haven't been as active ingame for the last week or so.
  3. That looks really nice. I'll bump that limit up
  4. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the server.
  5. Forum

    Removed the background picker. Fixed the scrolling lag with the current background. Added Rank Badges. (see below) Removed Trusted rank for now. Added Dicer rank.
  6. Welcome to Arcilium, I hope you have a good time here.
  7. thanks for the feedback and nice comments hamby
  8. im good with this suggestion +1
  9. Official

    Promotions Clairebear has been promoted to Server Supporter. Resignation Lab has resigned from Server Supporter.
  10. Accepted. Welcome to the team.
  11. Melee Gear Unnamed Set - Tier 5 Godcrusher Set - Tier 4 Torva Set - Tier 3 Vanguard Set - Tier 2 Bandos Set - Tier 1
  12. Server

    daily bump
  13. Forum

    Added a new background for everyone to use (it might become the new default later on) Changed the default background from the black rock to the blue textured background Fixed the chatbox background so it matches the rest of the forum better Added a Topic feed to the Forum index Editted the scrollbar size and color
  14. Event

    welp goin for second
  15. It's been awhile since a lot of the item balancing has been done.I am wanting to know if the current balance of the game feels good. (not too easy not too hard) If there are certain parts or sections of the game that are too difficult or too easy please post below so it can be reviewed and discussed.