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  1. welcome riley! don't hesitate to ask any questions
  2. most of these bugs i don't see as important and pointless to fix however, your 3rd suggestion could be fixed as it's quite annoying using the ingradiant on the potion and not working.
  3. it's working fine but it's just it's difficult to get 99/200m. not bad suggestions aswell.
  4. although your creation date is a bit low, your content is amazing and would be a great gfx artist towards this server. +1 from me, goodluck
  5. i'm sure many people don't know there way around runespan or finding the soul place like my place thanks for making this
  6. i think he means 10b bank as you can only get 200m xp per skill nice vid btw, glad to see someone doing a series
  7. welcome to arcilium! if you need any help, ask anyone around you
  8. Welcome to the server tomb! looking forward to seeing you ingame
  9. Event

    honestly, i'm happy to even see myself nominated to be on the list. <3
  10. That's pretty amazing. From this, i can already tell you're quite a tallented artist, great job one question, do you mind if i use this as my signature? I'll be happy to pay you ingame
  11. welcome! Your picture's look amazing, wish i was a gfx artist myself :c
  12. nice vid! hopefully more people will look at this
  13. that's quite impressive for an ironman so far, keep it up
  14. umm heroes? i just see two gypsies
  15. oh damn, looks insane lol... imagine if you used it against someone ;-;