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  1. it may give a lower advantage to newer people, but it motivates them more to get comp cape. And yeah, we don't want too many advantages on comp, i suggested some that could go on it, not all of it
  2. Congratzzz, I'm sure you had lots of fun grinding this pet... kappa. What's your next pet gonna be? - Shadow
  3. 100% agree with this. Rather than dropping your boss pet for cosmetic looks, using it for pvm and for cosmetics would be awsome! - Shadow
  4. As you know, The comp cape doesn't have many differences from the max cape and from the hard work done to obtaining it, it doesn't seem very worth it. I came up with a few features it could have when using the comp cape. Features such as: - Increasing drop rate by 1% or so. (We don't have many items to use to improve drop rates) - Higher chance of getting loot at barrows (will make it more active) - Double pvp points and vote points when worn. - A small discount when buying things at the shops. - A longer time of running - Teleports = Highest floor of slayer tower, clan wars, A place of magic trees (south of camelot), and maybe teleport to another player for faster transport, etc... - A "private store" for those who have a comp cape - A stock of certain items that that only the comp cape holder can buy. - 10%-15% of reducing the price of instances, once released (If it's money needed to create an instance). Some of these features can be used for trimmed cape.
  5. i don't really see why max cape even needs a rework or an improvement. The stats for the cape are quite high and works how it's supposed to work - Maybe it can have a ava's accumlator effect as it is a milestone. Also, i see comp cape needing more effects than a max cape because it takes a while to obtain it just for what? A little more stats, or a ava's effect or right clicking it and teleing away to useful places. Doesn't really seem worth it at the moment after all the hard work gone to getting it.
  6. i wouldn't mind this at all but then again, wouldn't this make comp a bit useless without enough benefits? i got a few ideas for what benefits for what the comp should have.
  7. Gratz on 3k kc. Pet looks dope af <3 I feel like going for 3k now cause of the op loot
  8. Event

    Tough decision to make tbh. I'm going to have to go with sander because of his activity and whenever someone is needed sander, most of the time reaches out.
  9. what can i say? active, helpful, interactive, awesome, and a chill person you are. The type of characteristics a staff member needs <--- You have my vote 100% Goodluck bon bon! - Shadow
  10. Nice loot! Makes me want to do 1k arma's now
  11. Welcome! Thanks for helping our forums.
  12. Awsome updates oly! Thanks for this.
  13. Method #1: Method #2: Method #3: Method #4: Method #5:
  14. 100% i agree we should have this. When you use this lamp, there'd be no way to turn it back to a lamp is what i'm thinking.
  15. damit bon bon! was close to getting it but you beat me, can't progress any further with kiln bugged :c congratzz on it aswell, sure does take a while to achieve it - shadow