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  1. Update: Recruited Torva Keeper as Member
  2. I believe smithing needs a rework
  3. Update: Recruited Trace as member Recruited Josh as member Recruited Rawr its Ash as member
  4. "i've done bolts for 60 hours" Hare, so you should have 3b+ off the method then right? Or was that a lie?
  5. @Hare If it only takes 30 hours where's your max sets? If it's so fast. After playing for 3 months you should have them by now right?
  6. Come in game, look how many are unhappy. The prices have gone down a lot. The price guide is no longer relevant as those prices are no longer suited to the current economy
  7. Okay this is my final message. Firstly, please keep emotions out of the messages especially seeing you are a moderator. Secondly, "once we get players that brings them in". The current new player base is very unhappy due to this change. Tell me. How are new players suppose to come in and stay, if they aren't having an enjoyable time? Thirdly, I understand that there are alternatives, however, quite frankly these alternatives are useless. The only "decent" way to make money now is by thieving. That's it. If I wanted to rob stuff for money all day I would go play GTA or something. Also, bolts was not 50million an hour rephrase your arguement. On top of this, "There will be alternative methods" why take out the only decent cash making method without providing an alternative first? Finally, you speak from the point of view of someone who has played the game before this update, has gotten rich off of it. I'm posting this on behalf of the newer players joining as I want the server to grow.
  8. I'm done with this argument it's getting no where, the effects have been clear. The market is going down for the worse. New players are constantly un happy. If you're not willing to listen to the opinion of others, then that's your choice.
  9. @Hare did you not see what i posted above? there is no future economy the way this is heading. Hence the title
  10. @Hare for the 'future' of the game? Look how much of a negative impact it's mad already. On top of that i've explained how glacors are bad in the aforementioned points. And frosts are absolutely horrible money. 20k per bone? you're joking right?!
  11. Recently, myself and others have been fed up with the nerfing of the ONLY DECENT way too make money. The economy is going downhill fast because of this and it is very visible. Here are my reasons why: 1. Because little to no money is being generated in the game, and drops are becoming increasingly high. Prices of these items are crashing way too much. An example, A bandos chestplate a week ago was worth 80m, today only 50m. 2. Construction on a double exp weekend costs 1.4b~ to get 200m. "1.4Billion!", how is anyone suppose to sum up to this amount of money in game anymore. The answer I received was do glacors and npc the boots. Following this method you will need to receive 116.6 boots from glacors just to reach 200m construction. 3. There is no alternate money making source that will actually make good cash. The only way we've found out is by crafting or thieving. point a) This will require hours upon hours upon hours of click intensive skilling just to get anywhere in the game. b) This will also bring a rise to some of the community botting. The reason I say this on behalf of the community is that the economy is crashing. And all the economy is atm is batering different items no one can make a profit from their hard work vice versa. With no alternate money making method in the game, and high alch not working. The ONLY way to make cash is to npc the loots we get from bosses. Right! how are we suppose to make money from this when a torva platebody npc's for 500k gold??
  12. Over the time you've joined us you've contributed greatly with a profound amount of artwork. Easily deserves this rank. Give it to him already hahaha been long enough as it is. Good luck brother
  13. I completely agree
  14. Great feedback, I agree with some, but also disagree with some
  15. Very helpful and needed, good job