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  1. I feel like some of the minor bonuses would be great, with that being said you never want to add too many advantages to one item, yes it makes it worth it to spend time grinding for it, but it also gives a lower advantage to the newer guys. Your ideas are definitely some good ones though, i'd say another one would be to have it work like ava's accumulator.
  2. Just looking for video ideas on the server or anything you guys would like to see, would really appreciate any suggestions! Feel free to pm me in-game or just comment below. Thanks guys, Trace.
  3. Server

    Hard working gents right here. Keep up the good work guys! ;P
  4. I like the idea a lot actually. Could you invite your friends to your private room with you?
  5. Hello fellow members of Arcilium, as some of you may know I am making a video for the server. This post is just to try and bring everyone online at once so we can get a nice little community scene for the ending! If you are wanting to be in it just comment below with your time zone and we'll try to put something together. Thanks guys. (: