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  1. I like the colors of that, especially the cyan How about making one with the same colors as dragon/red basically? Would be cool to see the outcome.
  2. This isn't a bad idea, especially not when we're trying to promote PvP too. Not only that, but the current home is quite laggy aswell so +1. I'll see what we can do about this, whether or not it'd be a good change idk. Just the reason as to why frosts is going to be good. Not sure if you want us to extend it or shorter it, but it's good atm I believe (Let's see about what others think) Had alot of complains about the 500k for chaotics, reducing it to 250k won't be a bad idea, maybe even 100k. Depends on what would fit to its price. Will add that, and try to improve that, thanks. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Do you agree with the T.O.S.?*: Yes What kind of graphic do you need?*: (Signature, Icon, Banner, Background, etc.) Signature Size: (If you don't know, i'll make it suitable for whatever needs.) 800x200 Text*: Hare Subtext: Global Moderator (Or server/forum mod it's w/e) Type of file*: (GIF, still image) Whatever looks good Do you have a theme/color/idea in mind?: (Describe what you want me to do if you already have an idea in mind) A red/black colored text and a bear next to it Any images/renders you want me to use?: (If you have something specific, link it here)
  4. It's not a lie, and I have made roughly around 2.5b yes. And if this is going to "ohh hare what did you do with all of this money?", well I bought ranks... gear... gave some money to active players... what point are you trying to point out by this?
  5. Just because it takes 30 hours it doesn't mean I need to have it, I have done it for over 30 hours, and I've bought other stuff for it. And this method wasn't known 3 months ago eitherway, it was very recently discovered. I've made some cash off it I guess, but it wasn't very known back then. <- wasn't super active either. But yeaaa, I see your perspective guys and i'll respect your opinions, greatful for the suggestion and feedback.
  6. I don't really know what made you think that but alrighty. You still haven't seen my point, there are going to be new methods, thieving isn't the only way and it's not going to be the only way, so stop acting like it is. It's not "decent" to spend 30 hours to get the best melee armour in-game, it's insanely fast. And thirdly, we didn't take them out, we balanced them. And there are alternatives, and there will be more. Having it at 50m/hr doesn't really change the argument at all. And yes, I have played before the update and no I haven't gotten "rich" if that is what you think, and even if I did then I would still have the same opinion I have atm, what you're failing to see is that there are alternative methods, and there will be even more, so don't act like the economy is going to go to hell because enchanting bolt isn't insanely fast anymore. You're all kind of acting like thieving is the only way to make money, it's not, it's the best but it's not the only way. There will be more ways, and there are more ways. If players are unhappy because we reduced a insanely overpowered money method then that's just sad to see imo, but again we're listening to your opinions, and we always tend to do so (bolts only was 10m more/hr than others anyways)
  7. Since when the fuck am i not listening? I have taken your opinion in consideration already, and that's by adding a shop and more ways and higher money/hr to bring gp in-game. And adding a shop to sell pvm stuff to is what we're going to do, but having more money/hr is what we don't want, because it'll eventually require no grind to get to your goals. I've listened carefully to your opinions, but you haven't seem to be listening to ours. Argument is getting nowhere when you don't even get the point of what i'm trying to say... THERE WILL BE ALTERNATIVE METHODS, AND THERE IS, STOP BEING LAZY, YOU DO NOT NEED 50 MILLION AN HOUR TO SURVIVE. MONEY WILL BE INGAME ONCE WE GET PLAYERS THAT BRINGS THEM IN - NEW METHODS WILL BE ADDED THAT WILL MAKE IT MORE FUN TO GET MONEY. If you don't get the point that you are supposed to be grinding for something, and that a economy isn't just perfectly made after 5 seconds, then I guess this will go nowhere at all. We need more players to increase the money ingame eitherway we increase or decrease the money/hr. Your opinion hasn't gone anywhere else than into consideration, just because we don't agree it doesn't mean we arent listening.
  8. I'm quite aware of what you said, but I don't think you've noticed what i've been trying to say. The money in-game will be increased when we get more players to bring the gp in-game. And again, just because we reduced the best method, it doesn't mean there's no gp in-game anymore. There's still ways, and there will be more. The economy wont die because one method went to hell, there will be more gp in-game once we get a higher playerbase, and yes we will make the general store do something good. There are plenty of methods waiting to get added, and there are plenty of methods that's available for the moment.
  9. You have to think for the future of the economy, not only the current one. If we have methods that brings 50m/hr or even more, it'll ruin the eco so badly, that 10b will turn into a basic bank. Which is what we don't want. And again, once we get more players to bring more gp in-game it wont be such a big problem selling some items anymore. (But it always will be in the start of an economy). And hence the "there will be more ways added to make money", it's not like thieving is going to be the only way to make money, trust me it'll be more ways. Making the general store shop being useful when it comes to the item selling - its what we're planning to add, so don't worry.
  10. As I tried explaining to you all in-game, we did this to save the future eco (with this I mean balancing the current methods). Before we updated, the bolt's which seemed to be "decent" was 42m/hr which is pretty much op. Which will make you only require 30 hours of work to get nex gear? Now it is 17m/hr can't recall the exact amount, and suddenly you're all so upset. You're forgetting that there's still ways to make money, and there will be added more ways to do so. All we did was to reduce one method, due to the amount of bots and it's money/hr. Maybe you don't realize how much 42m/hr is, but eitherway it's alot. I agree that bossing is supposed to be a money method, and it will be once we get the playerbase for it. Right now we don't have a sick amount of players which will improve the amount of gp ingame, but eitherway if you don't expect to skill / work for it then how were you expecting to get it? In the end someone always needs to craft or thieve or sell to general store just to generate some gp in-game, it doesn't just come by itself. You can't expect to get the best gear for the moment (im talking about nex) in roughly 30 hours, that's just insanely fast, it'll require no grind what so ever, it will litterally take 1-2 days of playtime, which is insanely fast. Once again, there's still ways to make money in-game, we just balanced the current one that is way too good. Not only that but people were botting it aswell, which makes it even worse. I mean, every method can be botted I know that, but eitherway, this method was too good to have people bot it. There are multiple methods/ways to make money, which i've said plenty of times to you in-game, which happens to be the following: Crafting, thieving, glacors and frosts. (Frosts arent too good at the moment due to Oly misstyping) eitherway, there is methods to bring the gp in-game, and it'll ofcourse take hours to get a good amount of cash. We are planning on introducing new unique methods to make money in-game so don't worry so much about the current methods, because it'll come quite soon, and there are ways you just need to stop being so lazy and get your ass to work. The best money method will most likely always be tried to get botted eitherway, however the reason we reduced the main method was because of the bots and mainly because the money/hr was way too high as i've said before. Gp isn't supposed to be super easy to gain, and it isn't super hard either. Thieving or crafting are the best current methods for the gp. Buhuu thats so boring no one wanna do that, but still it's a fricking method which will bring gp in-game, which is what you all want right. And again, there will be new and more fun methods. You're all acting like enchanting bolts was the only way to make money, when it wasn't, it was just the best one. You're still available to make a decent amount of money, we just balanced the old overpowered method. And again, the playerbase needs to be higher before we actually get a nice amount of cash in-game (related to the prices), and if we just raise the money/hr then the prices will just go up aswell, since it'll be easier to gain. So eitherway, we need a higher playerbase to get more cash in-game whether or not we increase or decrease. I can tell you right now, that the game isn't going to be that fun when you can get the best current gear in 30 hours, which is just sad imo. (some of us have already experienced this...) NOTE: if you missed what i said, there will be introduced new and balanced money methods. So don't think it's the end of the economy because we reduced one. There's still ways.
  11. Suggestion accepted, small change of the stats it'll give but still good. //moved & closed
  12. I rarely let someone slip when it's about the requirements, however I feel like the creationdate is only there to make sure you're a dedicated member. But I can already see that from all the contribution you've made. I love your work, and I get inspired from them (as I tend to learn GFX at some point). Eitherway, you're very skilled within art, and I hope you'll stay with us on Arcilium for a while, because we need more skilled people like you. Good luck with your application, I hope you get it.
  13. Appreciate the feedback whether or not it's bad/good, it's what we need to improve. Happily I can see that i'm not useless atleast, thanks for being honest and R.I.P @C J.
  14. I like this idea, will promote activity within the playerbase. +1
  15. Let's find out shall we? Welcome