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Found 4 results

  1. Arcilium Staff Team Owner Oly Website Developer N/A Head Administrator Destroyous Forum Administrator Destroyous Administrators Hare Head Moderator N/A Moderators N/A Forum Moderator Hare Supporters Hambyyy
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Danny and I'm a new Website Developer for Arcilium. I'll keep this introduction short and sweet since I don't really have much to say to be honest. Basically I'm looking to take suggestions revolved around what the player base wants to see on the website side of things. I'm a pretty decent website developer (not a designer) so my limits are the skies to be honest. I'm a pretty decent software developer also, so suggestions revolved around software development can also be taken into consideration, but I digress. Anyways... to conclude, basically just drop suggestions down below (or pm me) on some things that you'd like to see happen to the Arcilium website/forums, and i'll see if i can make them happen. Kind Regards, Danny, Website Developer and Forums Administrator.
  3. Heres a list showing what does Rare Box, Cosmetic Box and Mystery Box contain. Rare Box Common Blue H'ween Mask Red H'ween Mask Green H'ween Mask Uncommon Santa Hat Bunny Ears Rare Red Partyhat Purple Partyhat Green Partyhat White Partyhat Yellow Partyhat Blue Partyhat Cosmetic Box Bone Sack Pugel Gadderhammer Zombie shirt Zombie Trousers Zombie Mask Zombie Gloves Zombie Boots Fishbowl Helmet Diving Aparatus Enchanted Top Enchanted Robe Enchanted Hat Red Boater Blue Boater Green Boater Black Boater Camel Mask Rat Pole Mudskipper Hat Flippers Camo Top Camo Bottoms Camo Helmet Menap Headgear Menap Top Menap Robe Menap Action Kilt Menaphite Headgear Menaphite Top Menaphite Robe Fez Prince Tunic Price Leggings Princess Blouse Princess Skirt Frog Mask Lederhosen Top Lederhosen Shorts Lederhosen Hat Mining Helmet Double Eyepatch Mystery Box Chef's Hat Berserker Necklace Archery Ticket Dragon Kiteshield (or) Buskin Mask Easter Ring Desert Boots Dragon Kiteshield (sp) Toktz-mej-tal Dragon Kiteshield Sock Mask
  4. Official

    As you see, there is a new client released with alot of features, that is gonna be list down here: 1. Control + W A S D Walking. 2. Client Zooming. [Alt+Mousewheel] 3. All Modes Working. 4. Auto Sets to DirectX or OpenGL. 5. No more nulls at places like woodcutting spot. 6. Lots of renamed classes. 7. Removed useless classes. 8. Buy X and Sell X in shops. 9. Tray Icons. 10. New client logo. 11. New client favicon. 12. New client login background with new logo and new login box [soon]. 13. Custom Colored Loading Bar. That's most of it, I hope you have fun guys and like the updates Special Thanks to David.