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To start making the PvP active, as we already got a few pker's, we decided to host a PvP Tournament for those who are interessted. 

The idea is to have - "The Last Man Standing", which basically means the one who doesn't get killed will win the event. 

However, since timezones always is a problem, we have decided to keep it going for a few days, so once you and whoever you're fighting are on you'll fight.


Since everyone obviously don't have the same armor or wealth, the setup will be very simple, something everyone should be able to afford: 


You can use any amulet below the fury (or).

You can use any boots below dragon boots.

You may only use the helm of neitiznot and rune.

You may use up to a abyssal whip.

You may not use anything else than a anti-dragonfire shield.

You may only use the obsidian cape. 

You may use barrows gloves (obtainable from recipe of disaster)

(All this can be bought within the armour/weapon shop at ;;home)


As for the inventory: 


You may only have 2 brews.

You may drink any potion you want.

You may use any food you want under rocktail.

You may only use up to a dragon dagger as a special attack weapon. 

You may use vengeance.

You may bring super restores.

You may not use anything that cannot be bought from the shops at ;;Home. 


In failure to follow these rules you'll be disqualified from the tournament. 


The event will start once we've gotten a schedule, so if you wish to take apart let us know in-game or comment your in-game name to the post. 

Who you'll fight will be randomized using a tool. 

If we're many players enough we'll try to host a team deathmatch along with it some day. 


The event will start the 6th of january, and will end the 13th (or when everyone has fought) 

If you wish to participate comment down your name or let us know ingame (this will be available until the first round is done) 

As to when the schedule gets made will be depending on when everyone signs up. 

Prizes will also be depending on how many players will participate in the tournament. 


If there's more than 5 participating the prizes will be as following: 


1. A phat of your choice.

2. 5 Cosmetic boxes.

3. 2 Cosmetic boxes. 


If there's below 3 players participating:

Only 1 winner - 5 cosmetic boxes. 

Good luck to those who wish to participate. 


-Staff Team

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I'm going to win easily :)

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Here are the first round of matches: 







Trace VS Oly 

Tyler VS Oly


(oly is only fighting if it happens to be uneven) 


You can start fighting a little bit earlier than the expected time of the event start, but a staff member has to see it. 




Proof of picking random in spoiler

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Round 2

The matches of round 2 are as following: 

Dest VS Yuyoo

Shadow VS Tyson

Hare VS Trace


Note: Yuyoo got autowin since relentless failed to show up (relentless can still fight oly to have a chance to join round 2 if he appears) 

If relentless appears and fights oly to join the round 2, he'll fight oly again for a chance at round 3. 


Good luck to everyone who's managed to come this far

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I'm proud to announce the winners of this PvP tournament:


1. Hare - won a partyhat

2. Shadow - won 5 cosmetic boxes

3. Dest - won 2 cosmetic boxes

Congratulations to the winners :) 


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