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Price and Drop Guide

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Notice: One in-game items - seller's price 







Bandos godsword | 30M

Bandos chestplate | 65M

Bandos tassests | 60M

Bandos helmet | 30M

Bandos warshield | 10M

Bandos gloves | 10M

Bandos boots | 10M

Bandos Hilt | 25M

Goliath gloves | 65M




Armadyl godsword | 85M

Armadyl chestplate | 50M

Armadyl chainskirt | 50M

Armadyl helmet | 30M

Armadyl buckler | 15M

Armadyl gloves | 15M

Armadyl boots | 15M

Swift gloves | 100M

Dominion crossbow | Untradeable

Armadyl Hilt: 80M



Saradomin godsword | 30M

Saradomin sword | 3M

Saradomin's hiss | 25M

Saradomin's murmur | 30M

Saradomin's whisper | 30M

Spellcaster gloves | 65M

Dominion staff (untradeable atm) - 

Armadyl crossbow | 40M

Saradomin's Hilt | 25M



Zamorak godsword | 30M

Zamorakian spear | 5M

Zamorak Hilt | 25M

Hood of subjugation | 50M

Garb of subjugation | 50M

Gown of subjugation | 50M

Gloves of subjugation | 50M

Boots of subjugation | 50M

Ward of subjugation | 25M

Dominion sword | Untradeable



Armadyl runes | Untradeable

Ragefire boots | 40M

Glaiven boots | 40M

Steadfast boots | 50M

Arma battlestaff | Untradeable

Corporeal beast


Spirit shield | 50M

Holy elixir | 10M

Divine sigil | 500M

Elysian sigil | 350M

Arcane sigil | 200M

Spectral sigil | 150M 



Torva full helm | 450M

Torva platelegs | 500M

Torva platebody | 500M

Pernix cowl | 350M

Pernix chaps | 400M

Pernix body | 400M

Virtus mask | 300M

Virtus robe legs | 350M

Virtus robe top | 350M 

Zaryte bow | 300M

Party demon and Blink


Decimation | 450M

Annihilation | 350M

Obliteration | 400M

Boogie bow | 150M


Frostmourne | 300M

Pactbreaker Longsword | 200M

Other monster drops


Dragon claws | 100M

Dragonfire shield | 50M


Polypore staff | Untradeable 

Ganodermic hat | Untradeable

Ganodermic top | Untradeable

Ganodermic legs | Untradeable 


Vesta's | 15M

Vesta's Longsword | 10M

  Statius' | 10M


zuriel / morrigan's | 7.5M 


Dharok | 20-25M each

Other barrows | 10M each

Donation items and Third-age


Donation | 1$ = 50M

RS3 Donation | 1M RS3 = 0.10$ 

OSRS Donation  |

1M OSRS = 0.75$        14M OSRS = 10$        100M OSRS = 75$

Party hats | 250-500M

Hweens | 250-500M

Santa hat | 250-500M

Bunny ears | 250M


Drygores | 400m


Third-age mage hat - 185M

Third-age robe top - 185M

Third-age robe legs - 185M

Third-age amulet - 185M


Third-age coif - 185M

Third-age range top - 185M

Third-age chaps - 185M

Third-age vambraces - 185M


Third-age full helm - 185M

Third-age platebody - 185M

Third-age platelegs - 185M

Third-age kiteshield - 185M

Third-age druidic wreath - 185M

Third-age druidic robe top - 185M

Third-age druidic robe legs - 185M

Third-age druidic staff - 185M



Death touch darts | 100M

Amulet of fury | 20M

Amulet of fury (or) 20M

Abby whip | 20M

Dragon (or) kits | 3M

Elegant and royal | 3M

Magic Logs | 30K

Rune Bars | 30K

Dragon Bones | 4K

Frost Dragon Bones | 400K

*more to be added*



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Party demon also drops Abby Vine Whip, its a pretty common drop tho but sells for 12m at gen stores


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Edited with the current prices - not too much not too little, somewhere we'll need to start. 


If there's anything missing let us know, and we'll fix that. Prices will ofcourse raise by the time we get a higher playerbase. 

Again, this is just a start. Not everything is priced yet. 



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