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Blackscreen & Client Crashing Fix!


Hey guys,

I often hear people complain about having a black screen or client crashing after a few minutes of playing.

You can fix this by going to the log in screen Clicking Settings > Custom > Set Display Mode on DirectX.

If you can not click DirectX, Click OpenGL first, and then click on DirectX



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Thanks for telling people how to fix that, however I feel like most people actually will have issues with the client later on, with loading it etc. So i'm just going to add a few things I feel like should be mentioned. 

If you're having issues loading the client itself after you've downloaded it, then try these small steps.

- Open 2 client's at once, this is the most common thing to do, as it almost always works. 

Delete your "Arcilium" cache and re-download the client, then it should work.  (Guide will be at the end of the post)

- If you're on a old version of java, i'd highly suggest to actually download the newest one, as it runs best with the client. 

If your client still doesn't want to load after you've tried some of the steps, then make sure your firewall actually allows you to play it.

If you're experiencing your client to crash after downloading the newest version of java, it might just be your computer, however if your client crashes before you actually login change your displaymode as Jasper said, and aswell try to delete - re-download the cache, and that should work. 


Why am I getting a blackscreen when I login? 

If your client is blackscreening when you login you may just be nulled, if not then make sure you're on the right displaymode, however if you are you'd need a staff member to actually send you home and un-null your account, basically all you have to do is to make a new alternative account and let the staff members know, and they'll get it fixed for you. Once they've fixed it you'll need to login again, and you'll get another blackscreen, however you'll need to login again for it to actually work. 


If you don't know how or where to delete the cache then this is how you do it: 

- Go to "My Computer"

- Open Local Disk (C:). 

- Go to users folder.

- Click your computer name (whatever you named your computer)

- Locate anything related to "Arcilium"

- Then just simply delete it. 

That's just what I wanted to add and could be helpful for those who are having issues loading the client/crashes, thanks.



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This worked for me, thanks!

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This will help some people out with client issues, nice work Hare!

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