New Client! 29/12/16

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As you see, there is a new client released with alot of features, that is gonna be list down here:

1. Control + W A S D Walking.
2. Client Zooming. [Alt+Mousewheel]

3. All Modes Working.
4. Auto Sets to DirectX or OpenGL.
5. No more nulls at places like woodcutting spot.
6. Lots of renamed classes.
7. Removed useless classes.
8. Buy X and Sell X in shops.

9. Tray Icons.



10. New client logo.


11. New client favicon.

12. New client login background with new logo and new login box [soon].


13. Custom Colored Loading Bar.




That's most of it, I hope you have fun guys and like the updates :)


Special Thanks to David.

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Great updates oly (and david)

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For those who don't have a mouse, ;;zoom 50-2500 works. 


Very nice updates, exciting to see how the login box turns out to be :D 

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